Terms & Conditions

  • There are no liabilities held by any of the representatives working with PharmacyonAir in regards to any buy which is produced using the site.

  • A purchaser ought to counsel a General Physician before purchasing any medication accessible at PharmacyonAir on the web. It is critical to have complete honesty with your primary care physician so they can put you on a superior and the best drug. This guarantees the well-being of the purchaser.

  • The photos accessible on the site with respect to a specific item is for reference reason and may vary from item to item face to face.

  • The cost referenced on the site is in United States Dollars.

  • The cost referenced beneath each item may change now and again at the caution of the dealer.

  • PharmacyonAir reserves the right to cancel an order as well as refuse custom to any buyer without having to give prior notice to do the same. In case, the buyer has already placed the order, a full refund is made by our team.

  • The item data gave on each medication is profoundly nonexclusive in nature and for anybody to take these meds, it is critical to counsel a specialist before initiating or buying these items.

PharmacyonAir offers extreme secrecy to all the customers by ensuring every last one of your protection. The main data that we use is by giving our clients the most reasonable experience that they can get.

Every purchaser who buys medication from our site is urged to join their own record with their name and email address. The record will likewise have the transportation address spared alongside the installment technique chosen by the purchaser.

At the hour of joining, the record is checked by sending a confirmation mail to the given email address.


The rates mentioned regarding shipping and custom can change at any point. These prices show a certain fluctuation and should be checked from time to time. The orders are shipped to the home address, PO address, etc. Mails that are sent in a military mail usually take longer because of the elaborate handling process of their mail. The shipment of each order is made within 2 days.

Shipping address: 

The address placed in the last order made through PharmacyonAir shall be considered as the default one. This address can be changed at the time of the checkout as there is an option that confirms the shipping address. The address on which the order needs to be delivered changes the entire order and the timeline of the order. The medicines available at PharmacyonAir are generic in nature. PharmacyonAir does not deal with brand medication and the medicines available are highly generic in nature.

Delays because of Custom:

PharmacyonAir does not hold any responsibility for the delay in the order if it has been made from your end by the government of your country. Delays made by the delivery service of the country are beyond the reach of PharmacyonAir. In case the order is not received within 7 days after the delay, a reshipment or refund is made from our end if reported.

Customs Charges: 

You can be asked to pay the Customs charges according to the rules and regulations of the government. This payment policy will not concern PharmacyonAir and will be strictly between you and the Customs Department of your country.

Input and Comments:

There is an input segment on our site that empowers our customers to share their criticism with respect to a specific item. A remark can be made with respect to the strategies that we share. Each email made to us is reacted to in an opportune way.

Delivery requests and Policy:

There is a transportation charge for each request sent. The expense on each request relies upon the heaviness of the request put. Requests as a rule set aside a multi-day effort to reach and ought to be requested while keeping this course of events in see.


The rates referenced with respect to delivery and custom can change anytime. These costs show a specific variance and ought to be checked every now and then. The requests are sent to the personal residence, PO address, and so on. Sends that are sent in a military mail for the most part take longer as a result of the detailed dealing with the cycle of their mail. The shipment of each request is made inside 2 days.

Transportation address:

The location put in the last request made through PharmacyonAir will be considered as the default one. This location can be changed at the hour of the checkout as there is an alternative that affirms the transportation address. The location on which the request should be conveyed changes the whole request and the course of events of the request. The meds accessible at PharmacyonAir are conventional in nature. PharmacyonAir doesn’t manage brand prescription and the meds accessible are exceptionally conventional in nature.

Deferrals in light of Custom:

PharmacyonAir doesn’t hold any duty regarding the deferral in the request in the event that it has been produced using your end by the administration of your nation. Defers made by the conveyance administration of the nation are past the scope of PharmacyonAir. In the event that the request isn’t gotten inside 7 days after the postponement, a reshipment or discount is produced using our end whenever revealed.

Customs Charges:

You can be approached to pay the customs charges as indicated by the standards and guidelines of the legislature. This installment strategy won’t concern PharmacyonAir and will be carefully among you and the Customs Department of your nation.